Sports play a huge role in the lives of people.  It has become pretty important to people, it engages so many different people and presents a huge opportunity to transmit values.  We believe that coaches have a unique opportunity to influence the life of those players they coach, and so care deeply about who is coaching your sons, and so should you.    A coach by the nature of his position can hold much influence over young men, especially since much of a young person's identity and confidence can get wrapped up in sports.

As a club we are committed to training and developing our coaches both professionally and personally, sending them to clinics and supporting them throughout the year.  Each coach is uniquely different and have their own specific gifts and abilities.  We are committed to developing a good team of coaches which will serve our club and our players well. 


Our 2019 Coaching Staff:


U14: Kurt Hienrichs

U15: Brad Knodel