Orangemen Volleyball was born through love of the sport and continues to advocate friendship, community and competitiveness both on and off the court.  Orangemen Volleyball began in 2009 at a grassroots level when several players who lived in Abbotsford decided to create a local team to create more opportunities for guys play volleyball.   

The club name comes from the first coaching crew, 3 Dutchmen and a Mennonite, and for obvious reasons the Dutchmen won out as Orange is the color of the Dutch royal family.  Our lionhead logo is an adaption of the Dutch Republic Lion, as well as the logo for Novamax Contracting, our first sponsor.  

Our Mission

Orangemen Volleyball Club exists to give boys the opportunity to play the sport of volleyball and encourage them to become men of integrity and become leaders who will be responsible and positively affect the world around them.

Our Goals

  • We aim to develop complete athletes through striving to win but also to pursue the more important goals of teaching life lessons through sport as not everyone can win every game.

  • Continue to provide opportunity for all level of players to play at a higher level.

  • Regardless of the score at the end of a game, all athletes are winners, when they work hard to learn and master the sport. If athletes are able to focus on effort, spend time learning, and understand the mistakes are ok, they begin to develop habits that benefit them in the future.

  • Players will love the sport as much at the end as they do now!

  • All players' and knowledge of the sport will provide.

  • All players will get as much meaningful playing times as possible.

  • Parents will enjoy the season as much as the players.


While it is best for athlete development and team unity for athletes to be at each practice and game, we understand that life is busy and that volleyball is not, and should not be the only thing your son engages in.  We believe that school and family come first and only ask that you let your sons coach know if they will not make a practice or a game so that they can make the necessary adjustments to their plans and preparations. 

High school sports: High school sports take priority over club ball.  Club ball needs to not offer the same experience as high school.  Club ball should provide touches so that athletes can benefit their high school teams. 


Sports play a huge role in the lives of people.  It has become pretty important to people, it engages so many different people and presents a huge opportunity to transmit values.  We believe that coaches have a unique opportunity to influence the life of those players they coach, and so care deeply about who is coaching your sons, and so should you.    A coach by the nature of his position can hold much influence over young men, especially since much of a young person's identity and confidence can get wrapped up in sports.

As a club we are committed to training and developing our coaches both professionally and personally, sending them to clinics and supporting them throughout the year.  Each coach is uniquely different and have their own specific gifts and abilities.  We are committed to developing a good team of coaches which will serve our club and our players well.  

Play Time

Other than U13&14 play time is not regulated by the club but directed by the coach.  Our club philosophy which is against the "win-at-all-costs" mentality strives to provide as much meaningful playing time as possible, while continuing to strive to win and meet goals as defined by the team, players abilities, attitudes and effort.    


Orangemen is committed to providing an experience and product that is affordable and available to many.  Our fees cover facility rentals, equipment, player registration, player uniforms, coaching development and expenses, first aid, supplies and tournament costs.  Fees vary each year depending on costs of facilities, number of teams and cost of equipment.  This year Volleyball has raised their fees for registration and events so OVC fees for 2019 have not been determined yet.

Parent Coach Relationship

Orangemen Volleyball believes strongly that parents know best the needs of their children and as coaches our relationship with parents is imperative in the positive experience of your son in our program.   

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